Sculptural Book Lamp

2 002 kr


An amazing piece of art for any home or office; when closed, this Sculptural Book Light masquerades a natural looking brown or black leather notebook, but when opened it transforms into a Smart Light emitting a wonderful ambient warm soft LED light through the pages of this masterpiece.

The collector's piece, opens to full a 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets and the lovely soft touch papers are tear-proof and water-resistant that are lighted up by long-lasting lights. 

The Book comes with a micro-USB charger and it is assembled by hand and it's battery lasts for 8 hours.


  1. Open up to 360 degrees
  2. It can be attached to any metal object on the it has a magnetic cover.
  3. What is made of? Material: Recycled Fibre Leather and Waterproof Paper.
  4. Larger Version: 170 x 215 x 25 mm (6.7" x 8.46" x 0.98")
  5. Small Version: 90 x 122 x 25 mm (3.54" x 4.80" x 0.98")