About Home And Tower

Home And Tower Life LLC is based and located in The United States, Miami Florida. A customer centered shopping experience is our only goal, and we pride ourselves in our comprehensive policies that have put us in a realm above and beyond our competitors.

We are partnered with The Family Gadget LLC and we both bring you a world of spectacular, new and improved items, from the best hands of the world.

We engage with our customers through social media, complementary emails, services, gifts and much more.

Founded by Vicente Torrealba, Home and Tower was born after he leaves his parents house and moved out with his girlfriend to their first rented apartment and sparked the idea to bring simple but not less elegant, beautiful, gorgeous and practical housewares and furniture to the whole world. His vision resulted in a new online website that would bring everyone to a new shopping experience with unique hand crafted items for your home.

The Family Gadget:

The Family Gadget engages customers through a gift shop experiences, such as their gadgets, gifts and personalized items that have brought design and retail elites into the fold.

We feel joy and happiness that you've found your way to the unique growing day by day store that's known not only for the deep discounts and beuatiful homewares but also for our top-notch customer service. We hope you'll be back often and spread the word to all your friends!.