Table Decor

Analogue Clock

2.889,00 kr


Analogue Clock designed from us has a ultra-stylish, elegant and contemporary look.

The aesthetical design makes it stand out from any traditional or digital analogue clock crowd and it certainly catches people’s attention no matter where you put it, in your sitting room, bedroom, office, kitchen or lounge.


  1. Modern LED display technology.
  2. Analogue display face automatically switches off when it's quiet and light up as a response to clicked fingers or clapped hands. Incredible no?
  3. Rechargeable back-up battery life: approx 2 days in permanent display or 2 weeks in sound activated display.
  4. Alarm with snooze.
  5. What is it made of? MDF Wood with black wood effect veneer.
  6. Size: 250 x 250 x 65mm (L x H x D)