Table Decor

Message Clock

1.736,00 kr


With sound activated display, your time and personal message can light up in an instant or display permanent if you wish. 

A simple, yet eye-catching digital design with a personal touch, all on a natural wood-effect block makes this clock totally unique and special.


  1. The Clock can either display a personal message, time, date or temperature.
  2. You are allow to set and store 7 different messages.
  3. UK / EU / USA date formats can be selected.
  4. There are 5 different alarms settings with snooze feature and 5/7 days alarm setting available.
  5. It also can have permanent display without going off.
  6. The screen of the clock automatically dims half between 21:00 and 7:00, amazing right?
  7. Included and will be supplied with EU and American plugs,
  8. What is it made of? Timber Wood with beech wood-effect veneer
  9. Dimensions: 25cm L x 4.5cm D x 9cm H - (9.84 L x 1.77 D x 3.54 H inches)